Private Hosting


Grant your entire member base access to your digital collections and archives without having to manage users and subscriptions.


Private Units are fully secured and only available to members of your organization, giving you piece of mind.


AirCorps Library will host your organization's information online for as long as you request and require the service.


Increase excitement within your member base by easily bringing information to their fingertips.

What We Do

Do you have information pertaining to your organization that you would like to share with your membership base? AirCorps Library can help. We have successfully implemented “Private Units” into our site that allow organizations to disseminate their digitized collections and archives to their subscribers. Members are recognized through their subscription to your organization, and are allowed access to any information within that Unit on AirCorps Library. Whether your information is currently digitized, or in need of the service, we can help.

How We Can Help

  • Customized digitization planning through host organization, or AirCorps Library
  • Promote interest and increased membership of your organization by granting your members access to archived information
  • Digitally preserve your collection, archives, or materials for posterity
AirCorps Library

Interested in Our Services?

We understand tha each organization faces unique challenges that require custom solutions. At AirCorps Library we work with you to create a plan that allows your organization and its members to access your information, saving you time and money.